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Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship

2022 Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Awards Recipients
$1,000 Scholarships:
Chris Castillo - BG Masonic Lodge #497
Cheyenne Rhea - BG Lions Club #1
Angel Martin - BG Lions Club #3
Chloe Davis - Seely Family
Adam Tovar - Wanda McLain Gillen
Ashleigh Hellner - Jack R. McGraw Memorial
Seth McGraw - Peggy & Jimmy Russell
Chelsie Black - BGUMC
Camille Nunn - Gene Hollingsworth Memorial
Oneyda Martinez - Ivy Family
Nicole Gamez - R. Bruce McCormick
Monica Flores - McSpadden & Westbrook
Carter Grant - Ralph E. Page
Fidel Avalos - Prosperity Bank (Ralston)
Makenzie Black - Bobby Betts Memorial
Devon Hood - Rick Saunders Family
Ismael Ramirez - D. W. Springer
$2,000 Scholarships:
Geneva Bowyer - Cindy & Bruce Lane
Bailey Rasco - Liz & Albert Lane
Delaney Northern - Harold Don McGraw Memorial
Nathaniel Haden - Tommy, Theresa & Diane Nevill
$3,000 Scholarship:
Bryson Fisher - Ruth Edmundson Ramsey
$5,000 Scholarship:
Landon Golden - Ferrell General
$15,000 Scholarship:
Bayli Leingang - Louise McCormick Ramsey
$20,000 Scholarship:
Joshua Gambrell - Ferrell STEM
$40,000 Scholarships:
Kamryn Brown - Louise McCormick Ramsey
Kinley Skains - Louise McCormick Ramsey
2021 Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Awards Recipients
Even though COVID shutdown our schools, we still provided scholarships for our 2020 Seniors!
Congratulations to the following recipients! 
2019 Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Recipients
2018 Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Recipients
Not pictured:
Logan Golden received $30,000 Louise McCormack Ramsey Scholarship
Brittany Kuykendall received $1,000 D.W. Springer Scholarship
Serena Davis received $1,000 Wanda McLain Gillen Scholarship
Morgan Dawson received $1,000 Peggy & Jimmy Russell Scholarship
Melana Bayer received $1,000 Harold Don McGraw Memorial Scholarship
2017 Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Recipients

The most iconic teacher in the history of the Blooming Grove school system began her teaching career at BGHS in the fall of 1927. Ms. Ruth Edmundson (Ramsey) was a member of the BGHS faculty for the next 43 consecutive years until her retirement in the spring of 1971. Ms. Edmundson received her primary and secondary education in her birth city of Waxahachie, TX. As we understand it her collegiate degrees were obtained from Southern Methodist University, Trinity University and Baylor University. Although her legal name changed to Ramsey when she married G. E. Ramsey, Sr. in 1930, she continued to be affectionately addressed as “Miss Ed” by many of her students.

Miss Ed was the “English Department” at BGHS for many of her 43 years of service. Although she encouraged excellence from her students, she insisted on effort. Any BGHS graduate that satisfactorily completed 4 years of education by Miss Ed had little to fear from the English department of any university.

Although her first passion was to encourage students to master the English language, Mrs. Ramsey would have been quick to tell you that her employment at the BG school system was on a “subject to assignment” basis. The most noteworthy “assignment” was to develop/direct a “One Act Play” for UIL competition. As with anything undertaken by Miss Ed, excellence was her goal. For many years the BG “One Act Play” group routinely won at district, frequently won regional competition, and more than once won the state title. Other odd “assignment” duties included teaching music, although she had no music background. And although not known to be athletically inclined she was also assigned to direct calisthenics for prospective male World War II volunteers.

Beyond teaching, Miss Ed was a strong Christian, an American Patriot, a student of history and an enthusiastic genealogist. She was proud of her family heritage and her headstone is located in the Waxahachie City Cemetery near many of her Edmundson relatives.
Most of all, Miss Ed was convinced of the merits of education. She strongly encouraged her students to continue their formal education beyond high school. One of the students benefitting from that support was Bruce Lane, a 1950 BGHS graduate. To honor the positive impact that Miss Ed had on his life, and numerous other BHGS students, in 1991 Mr. Lane and several of his 1950 classmates initiated the “Ruth Edmundson Ramsey Scholarship Foundation, Inc.” The “Ruth Fund” is a federally tax exempt, state chartered organization intended to operate in perpetuity, its exclusive purpose being to financially support BGHS graduates to continue their formal education.
Find out more about Ms. Ed from the newspaper article listed below.