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Jack Lee » Welcome to Blooming Grove High School

Welcome to Blooming Grove High School

Welcome to Blooming Grove High School – home of the Lions!  Each student is an important member of the BGHS family – a family that not only grows in knowledge, but in real life experiences and success.   As a part of the BGHS staff, I have a commitment to each and every student to ensure that they receive a quality education in an environment that promotes student achievement.

Much like you, I have high expectations for the students and teachers at Blooming Grove High School.  When my children Jackson and Emmy, or your son or daughter, walk into a classroom here at Blooming Grove High School, I desire for their teacher to build a deep and appropriate relationship with them, as an individual.   Through these relationships and the teacher's knowledge of their content, your child will have opportunities to learn at high levels.  It will will also help with the design of lessons so that the knowledge gained will either be applied immediately, or put into long term memory for application later in life.  I expect our students to positively apply themselves in every aspect of their education including in the classroom, bandhall, athletic field and court, or in their interactions with their peers.

I am committed to providing the best educational opportunities for our students.  My office door is always open, and I welcome students, parents, and community members to reach out of me if you ever have questions or need assistance.  Together we can keep Blooming Grove High School the school of choice.
Jack Lee